About Elman

Elman operates in Abruzzo (Italy) and produces printed circuits board since 1991. In recent years we have invested heavily in Research and Development and focused our attention on thermal dissipation systems with different degrees of electrical insulation to be applied to various bilayer and multilayer supports.

Our products are made entirely in the Italian factory, offering both sampling and series production services.


• Staff with thirty years of experience in PCBs manufacturing
• Latest generation production systems (Orbotech Incam Pro, Shmoll Direct
Imagin, Caoduro Electrolytic Copper, Atg Flying Probe Tester, Pluritec Inspecta
Combo, Orbotech Dimension 6 AOI, Wise Etching System)
• Selective hole filling with electrolytic copper
• High thickness Pcbs
• Heavy copper up to 1mm
• Customer support for product design and development
• R&D



• BGA layout, high layer count and complex stackups
• Back drilled holes
• Resin Filled and Capped vias
• Aspect radio PHT ≥ 10
• Aspect Radio blind vias ≥ 0,9


Company is Iso9001:2015 certified since 1996. Elman owns UL796 certification also for Canadian and USA market on standard FR4, LeadFree, medium and high Tg and IMS materials for LED applications.

Base material

  • Epoxy laminates:
    Standard FR4, Mid Tg, High Tg, Halogen Free

  • High Speed application:
    Panasonic Megtron 6 and Megtron 7; Isola Astra and I-Tera, IS600(Series) FR408HR; Nelco N4000-13(SI) & N4800-20-(SI)
  • High Frequency materials Teflon based and non-Teflon based:
    Rogers/Arlon (w/wo Copper/Al/Brass support). RT Duroid RO3000, RO4000, RO6000, DiClad, AD, TC, CuClad
    Taconic: RF35, RF35A2, RF45, RF60, RF60TC, FastRise, TLX, TLY, TLE, TSM-DS3, Tacbond 1.5
    Nelco: Mercurywave, Meteorwave Series
    • High performances materials for avionic/military applications:
      Polyimide Resin Systems: Arlon 33N, 35N, 84N, 85N, 85HP; Isola P95/P96
    • Special materials:
      Foam: Rohacell HF Polymethacrylimide (PMI), General Plastics RF-2200
      Polyurethane, Laird Eccosorb Microwave Absorber LS Series

    Techniques for coins insertion in PCBs

    Integrating heat dissipation coins into the printed circuit board structure is a proven and reliable technique and provides a highly efficient way to dissipate heat from electronic components.

    Increased efficency of the components

    Increased life time of the components

    Reduction of device failures

    Reduction of heatsink size

    Reduction of apparatus size

    Integration of control circuitry in main boards

    Types of Coin

    1. Copper coin inserted in FR4 or Hybrid multilayer: the coin create an optimized path
    for the heat dissipation towards the heat sink.

    Insertion techniques and configurations:
    • Adhesive
    • Lamination
    • Press-Fit
    • Cavity in Coin

    2. Ceramic Coin (Alumina Al2O3 or Aluminum Nitride AIN) inserted in FR4 or Hybrid multylayer: it allows to reach a high integration of the power modules in the board, maintaining a high degree of thermal conductivity with a high electrical insulation.

    3. FR4 coin in IMS or multilayer with metal core: it allows to get electrical insulation through conductive layers.

    Embedded components

    • Embedded Resistences with OhmegaPly® and Ticer Technology ®

    • Integration of active and passive components in SMD technology with soldering process


    New techniques in Embedded components

    • Bottom laser vias process


    • Top laser vias process


    • Flip-Chip process


    Wire Bonding

    Capabilities on standard and special materials


    Don’t you want METAL CLAD PCB’S?

    We have the alternatives:

    We are able to give better thermal performances without IMS and high electrical insulation without additional thermal interfaces with:


    Hybrid laminate for lighting and power applications



    Increased component efficiency


    Increased component life time


    Reduction of device failures


    Reduction in the size of the heatsinks


    Reduction of the system size


    Reduction of TIP costs


    Integration of control circuitry with the power led board


    Laminate production:

    Excellent lamination of layers

    Customization of the stackup to the product design specification (materials thickness and type)

    Process and product optimization:


    Centering techniques with X-ray


    Mechanical works with custom tools


    Peel Strenght Test and Support Adesion Test


    Thermal Sink Test


    Continuous improvement in R&D and in Quality Management System

    Non-standard techniques and configurations:


    Direct Dissipation Techniques

    Production of boards that allow direct contact between the thermal pad and the metal sink: Etching and finish technics

    Electrically isolated mounting, wired or connector holes through metal cladded materials


    • Connections to power and ground from the bottom of the heat sink
    • Isolated component through MC material
      Possibility of soldering components or connectors from both sides
    • Aesthetic benefits: absence of insulated wires visible on the top
    • Size reduction
    • Simplified geometry of the boards

    Bonding Techniques with Pressure Sensitive Adesives

    Why choose Elman for your MCpcb’s?

    Because Elman can improve your business thanks to:


    Capability to supply pcb’s on its own production materials with better thermal and electrical proprierties and low costs


    Optimization of the dimensions of the base material panels according to the size of the pcbs


    Technology and flexibility


    Research and continuous development


    Excellent partnerships with the the world's leading IMS suppliers (Bergquist, Ventec, Rogers,...)


    Phone: +39.0861.80671
    Fax: +39.0861.806728

    Via I Maggio, 23, 64015 – Nereto (TE) – ITALY

    Sales & Marketing Manager
    Monica D’Annuntiis
    Phone: +39.0861.806731
    E-mail: dannuntiism@pcbelman.it

    Technical Manager
    Flavia Natali
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    E-mail: natalif@pcbelman.it

    Purchasing Manager
    Francesco Re
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